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Cry Honey Cry

Eliza Lynn
Eliza Lynn


Eliza Lynn – vocals and banjo

Hannah Fisher – fiddle and harmony vocals

Sorren Maclean – guitar and harmony vocals

Gordon Maclean – bass

Danny Grant – drums and harmony vocals


A joyful, upbeat song about letting yourself weep :)

For a couple of years, crying was unusually foreign to me and I had a friend basically say these words to me - it's ok to wallow.  After the most recent few years where grief has become routine (with my Dad's death, etc), I know that for me it is true, "to wake you must sleep, to smile you must weep."

Cry, honey, cry...


You said with a smile,

“It’s ok to wallow.

Drop your head low and let it all go.

I’ll stand here and cheer while you give way to sorrow.

Cry, honey, cry.


Cause your brave and solemn face

Has kept your pain in place

And they don’t give out a prize

For the driest eyes.”



Cry, honey cry

Don’t ask yourself why

To wake, you must sleep

To smile, you must weep


Well not a tear came, though you held me near

I struggled away, dueling with my fear

The strength I could not find, in the kindness of your eyes

To cry in plain sight


But you turned your head away

Mine fell into my hands

And I felt a rush give way

As I heard you say