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You Gotta Live

Eliza Lynn
Eliza Lynn and Dan Rose


Eliza Lynn – vocals and guitar

Hannah Fisher – fiddle

Sorren Maclean – guitar

Gordon Maclean – bass

Danny Grant - drums


My Dad used to say, "There's two things you gotta do in life.  You gotta live until you die and you have to be loved by God."  I started writing this a year before my Dad had the massive stroke that paralyzed him.  I had the chorus and too many verses, but it just didn't seem like it was finished.  After Dad's stroke, I wanted to continue working on this song, but it was too poignant to wade through alone.  I brought it to a songwriting session with Dan Rose and we wrote a new tune for the verses and then, after sitting with the heart of this song, Dan sent me lyrics to the first two verses.  I was working a full time day job when I received these and ran home to experiment with them embedded in the song.  They were so perfect, I wept.  Dan said that he'd tried to imagine my Dad speaking to me.  We finished the last verse together and this song was such a gift to have in the last years of Dad's life.  I was singing this to him outside his nursing home, under the trees, him in his wheelchair, when it hit me that there were really now only two things Dad had to do - two things he could do.  At his funeral, I sang this song and gave it everything I had.  I really miss my Dad, but this song makes me feel close to him, it makes me know he is with me.


Sometimes you’re strong, sometimes you’re weak

Sometimes everything’s wrong and sometimes you bleed

Love can be kind, love can be mean

Sometimes you cry, sometimes you just dream



You gotta live until you die

You gotta live and be alive

And do what you can

God’s holding your hand


Eyes can be blind, but sometimes they see

Sometimes they lie, Lord this I believe

You can ramble alone til surely you find

It feels like you’re home for the very first time


Now you know who you are, or you’ve let it all go

You’ve traveled too far, or you’ve never left home

We breath in and out until we look behind

That heavenly veil where everything shines