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Hard to Let It Hurt

written by Eliza Lynn (Civility Records)


Album Release Date: June 2009

PRODUCED, RECORDED AND MIXED BY: Thomm Jutz at TJTunes, Nashville, TN

MASTERED BY: Alex McCollough at YesMaster, Nashville, TN


Eliza Lynn - vocals and guitar, Thomm Jutz - guitar, Pat McInerney - drums, Matt McKenzie - bass 



I know it's hard to let it hurt when it hurts

I know it's hard to let it go when it's gone

I know it's hard just to stay, when all you want to do is runaway

I know it's hard to let it hurt, but it can only hurt so long


Now the truth may be hard to swallow

And the way, they say, is straight and narrow

But if you're like me, well then, you'd agree,

It's hard just to let yourself hurt


The things that haunt me

Are the things that I don't let myself see,

If I wander blind, I'm scared all the time

It's hard just to let yourself hurt


But if I can sit still, if I can be calm

If I can hum a tune or make up a little song

Then I feel the sting, let the pain rush in

It will wash me and let me start again