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Hello and Welcome!


WINTER 2018: Last semester of grad school (Lord willing) so I am getting ready to gig more often soon (Lord willing)! Here's a little gig for warming up on these cold nights: Friday, January 26th 7-9pm at Webster Groves Garden Cafe. Will post soon about a gig in Elsah, IL in late February and in Chicago this April. Hope you are staying warm!

With peace and prayers for our world, Eliza

FALL 2017 OCT: It is with great joy that I have turned in my Master's Thesis! Woo hoo!! It is called In Belief of Tears: American Blues as an Entrance into the Psalms of Lament. It has been quite a journey and it is finally time to let it go :) I present it in early November and then get to move on to the other elements necessary to graduate (studying for comprehensive exams). And most exciting for me: I am also (FINALLY) starting to record my new album(s) in November as well. I'm delighted to be working with Paul Niehaus, IV and Blue Lotus Recording Studio in St. Louis. Last year in November I stayed home over Thanksgiving weekend to finish my translation of the psalm for my thesis. I booked time to record demos with Paul as my prize for finishing that. This year, once my thesis is presented, I get to start recording. Ah, so happy! Can't wait!

Also, this month I got to have a very joy filled photo shoot with my dear friend and photographer, Kathleen Shea. Please see the Photos page for a few of those :)

One thing I am not going to be able to do is get to NC this fall. I was hoping to play at Trinity Presbyterian Church - one of my favorite venues, but I have had to cancel my performance. I sincerely hope to return soon, to both NC and Trinity. But for now, my plate is just too full. 

Hope you are having a wonderful fall. With love and prayers for our world, Eliza

SEPT: Goodness Fall is here! And one thing that means is that it is nearly time for the Festival of Psalms at Eden seminary, one of my dearly favorite experiences since moving to the St. Louis area. It is a musical way to tap into the extraordinary gifts of the psalms. To feel the love of God in the midst of heartfelt community - what a gift! I'm thrilled to take part again. Please join us!

Sunday, October 1, 7pm at Eden Seminary in Wehrli Chapel and this year it is also the CROP hunger walk concert. Walk begins at 5:30. Donations to CROP can be made here: www.crophungerwalk.org/saintlouismo

Hope you'll join us!

SUMMER 2017 This Spring I had a wonderful time playing gigs in WV, VA, WI and IL, singing these new songs I've been writing and being with wonderful people in a heartfelt space. It was such a liberating time for me and I am grateful for all the different experiences I had. I am continuing to write more songs (my new album may be 2 discs!) and look forward to beginning to record these songs of the spirit soon. 

Saturday, July 22nd I am excited to be supporting Eric Moeller's Kick-Off Party for his All-In Tour. The All-In Tour is an initiative of a non-profit founded by Eric called the All-In Music Project that uses music to inspire active solidarity with marginalized people, build community, and educate/mobilize for social transformation. For more info visit www.allinmusicproject.org The event starts at 6:30 and there will be food and refreshments available, activities for children, special guests doing the work of justice in St Louis, and performances from me and Eric Moeller. There is no cover charge. Meals will be available for $10/ plate and consist of a Jamaican meal created by Chef Rob Connoley. 

If you are in town, I hope you'll join us! Have a wonderful summer! With peace and prayers and love, Eliza

JANUARY 26, 2017 A few years ago I recorded lots of cover songs for two Community Produced Albums. One of them, called Together, I released in the UK, but never fully released in the states. The other album, Bloom Again, has not been released. I'd like to share some of these songs, so here's my version of Angel by Sarah McLachlan with many friends playing and singing with me. A little light in a dark week.

CLICK HERE to hear Angel.

Music is my comfort and haven and solace. This week even more so. Prayers for our world, prayers for peace, for truth, for kindness. And love.

NOVEMBER 9, 2016: A new song: Addiction to the News (copyright Eliza Lynn 2016)

On this day after the US election, I can't stop singing one of my new songs. It's called "Addiction to the News" and you can hear it in the video above. One new outlet I'm engaging in today is Showing Up for Racial Justice. I know today that I need to spend less time listening to the news and more time in real conversation with my neighbors. Though there is so much to do, there is also a need for returning to the roots of our humanity. Less "likes" and more breaths. So, my prayer is that we can meet each day, take good and gentle care of ourselves, and do the next right thing for those in our community most vulnerable to the incoming administration. God suffers with us. That I know.

Peace in our world and in our hearts. With love, Eliza

NOVEMBER 1, 2016: Writing, writing, writing...

It has been such a rich few months of songwriting and thesis writing procrastination :) Somehow needing to work on the thesis has loosened the songwriting valve (so lovely) and I'm writing two albums at once. Last night another song finished - what a joy! Once I record some demos slightly better than the ones I'm recording on my iphone, I'll begin posting these new songs. Half of which are spiritual - no holds barred (the Fair side) and the other half are, well, the Frisky side. I've been contemplating one long album called Frisky AND Fair! Probably not...

Been singing in more liturgical like settings of late, such as Psalms Fest at Eden Seminary. The video below is of Psalm 148 (in Hebrew) with Will Soll. It is Nava Tehila's version - I just love singing this! Hope you enjoy! AND the most wonderful festival on the planet is about to begin: Perthshire Amber Festival! SO much love to all my friends on the PA Team! Dougie Maclean and his music and community spirit are remarkable gifts to the world! If you aren't familiar, change that!

With peace, Eliza


OCTOBER 2015: Wayfaring Strangers in Nashville and the adventure into the Psalms continues...

I am so honored to be supporting Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr's presentation of their incredible book, Wayfaring Strangers, The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia at the Southern Festival of Books this coming weekend Nashville, TN. I provided music for their Scottish book launch in Perth, Scotland last fall and it was so much fun! This time around there will be beautiful fiddling by Brian Christianson as well. The presentation is at the downtown library in Nashville in the auditorium at 11:00 this Saturday, October 10.  Here's the festival schedule. If you haven't gotten their book yet, do :) Here's a clink to purchase your copy from UNC Press: http://www.uncpress.unc.edu/books/12005.html

Wayfaring Strangers coverIn other news, I am deep into my never ending thesis project - really absorbing the Psalms on new levels and I just got to sing at a wonderful annual event - the Festival of Psalms at Eden Seminary. Truly an incredible evening of music and psalms with Eden's resident artist and traveling psalmist Richard Bruxvoort Colligan. Such a wonderful time!  These days I am enjoying singing songs (and writing new songs) of PRAISE! What a relief after years of studying lament. It is a joy! Hallelujah!

During these days of leaves changing, if you are like me, this weather is making you yearn for the Scottish hills, gorgeous music and beautiful people of Perthshire Amber Festival. So, if you don't happen to be in the UK, it's also time to sign up to watch from our armchairs :) Butterstone TV -the closest thing to being there!

May you have a beautiful fall. With peace, Eliza

JUNE 2015: New hometown (yes another...), New do :)


Got plans on the 4th?  If not and you are near St. Louis, come on over to Illinois along the Mississippi river and enjoy my new tiny little hometown - the Historic Village of Elsah, IL. The concert will be in a beautiful little venue called Farley's Music Hall - very easy to find on Mill Street, near the post office.  We're about 30 miles from St. Louis, but you will feel like you have gone back in time - it's a truly delightful community I'm so happy to have found! Many summertime blessings to you!  With peace, Eliza

APRIL 22nd, 2015 - I'm really excited to be playing my first concert in Asheville, NC in too long awhile this Spring at BK House Concerts on Saturday, May 9th.  If you are in the area - would love to see you!  Please click link for tickets: http://www.bkhouseconcerts.com/ And Happy Spring!  With peace, Eliza

APRIL 9th, 2015 - This weekend, I am thrilled to have a my song "Sing a New Song" included in a play being done in Harlan County, KY with the Higher Ground Community Theater.  This remarkable group is truly using art to heal community. Here's a clip from a previous production: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpjcWoh2PXM

From stage manager, Alexia Ault: "Our new play entitled 'Find a Way' will premier next week [April 9-12] in Cumberland, Kentucky. The play follows a community in Eastern Kentucky as they struggle with layoffs, grief and telling the truth. We are so excited that your song "Sing a New Song" will be included in the play. Your song has been placed in the third act as the characters start telling the truth and finding a new way to deal with their own struggles. This song brings a little bit of lightness to a very heavy portion of the play but also acts​ as the turning point in the action." I feel very honored indeed!

March 2015 - Next Friday, April 3rd, I am honored to be a part of Christ Church Cathedral's partnership with Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in "Blues at the Crossroads of Good Friday" at the Cathedral in Downtown St. Louis.  Join us!  


Blues at the Crossroads of Good Friday - Poster

2015!  Happy New Year!  So my friend Dana let me know that my Chair Exercise Video that was recorded in 2005 (and aired on NC's Buncombe county TV for years) is now on YouTube!  So here's Get Fit (appropriate for the new year):


Please note that I did not get to choose my music... Enjoy!  And "remember to listen to your body" :) This video seriously cracks me up - and it is also a serious video...

Peaceful and healthy New Year to you, Eliza

NOV 2014 - Quick Note - Since I sold out of all the Goodbye Nashville CDs I brought with me to Scotland, I am offering to cover the shipping and charge the same amount for any Perthshire Amber Festival goers who missed out on an album!

Just email me: eliza@elizalynn.com and I'll send payment instructions - and will be happy to sign it if you're wanting that :)

So many warm thoughts from last week!  With love, Eliza

OCT 2014 - The Perthshire Amber Festival is again just tremendous!  So much of the evening concerts are now available on demand if you get a subscription to Butterstone TV, you can follow along!

From last night's concert in the Pitlochry Town Hall (photo by Rob McDougall - photographer extraordinaire!):

So how's that for intensity?!? :)

Tomorrow (Oct 31st) I'm thrilled to be playing at the Scottish launch of Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr's incredible book, Wayfaring Stranger at the Norrie Miller Studio in Perth Concert Hall at 2pm! So many blessings of this trip to Scotland!  

Sending warmth encased in fall colors, Eliza

OCT 2014 - IN SCOTLAND!  Perthshire Amber - The Dougie MacLean Festival begins today! Such joy! I got to do an interview with Dougie for Scottish TV this morning and just gushed about how this festival one of my versions of heaven - the incredible music, the warmth and inclusive welcome of the MacLeans and the festival team, the beauty of Scotland in the fall, amazing festival goers (Dougie's fans from all over the world are such stunning human beings), remarkable community vibe, the Big Knit happening (festival goers and musicians alike knitting squares for a blanket that is then auctioned off for charity), the camaraderie, playing late night in pubs, walks in the hills.... obviously I can go on and on!  See photo below of the interview :)

So if you haven't already, sign up to watch along: www.butterstone.tv - the video taken is beautifully done!

Hope you are well and enjoying the colors of fall - that is, after all, why this festival is called Perthshire Amber - the color of the leaves in Perthshire in the fall...

Peace to you, Eliza

OCT 2014 - HOORAY! I'm thrilled to be included on this week's Thistle and Shamrock!  Listen in if it's on your NPR station or "Listen Again" here!

This program has been an institution in my life since I spent every Saturday night recording it to cassette tapes in high school. Fiona Ritchie was practically in high school then too - she started this exceptional program as a "wee lass" as some would say.  This fall she's releasing an INCREDIBLE book co-authored with Doug Orr (President Emeritus at my alma mater, Warren Wilson College) called Wayfaring Strangers.  These two exceptional human beings invited me to help transcribe interviews for this book - which I believe was instrumental in laying the ground work for hearing a call to graduate studies.  My studies may be in the theology, but every course, I am focused on the healing place of music.  This book uses so many voices to describe how music can be our home when we are in a strange land - it is truly a treasure!

A week from today I head to Perthshire Amber Festival - cannot wait!  Sign up here to stream the whole festival, a real bargain at 7 pounds for a whole month of streaming Dougie MacLean and friends! 

Will send more updates soon!  Blessings to you this fall, Eliza

SEPT 2014 - GOODBYE NASHVILLE - Release begins NOW!

Thanks to Jared Ingersol for the rollout of a targeted promotional campaign: http://jaredingersol.com/eliza-lynn/

Pre-ordered CDs (and Lord willing potholders) leave the nest this Saturday!  Can't wait for you to hear and see this little buddy - been quite joyful to have in hand!

All for now, Eliza :)


SEPT 2014 - CDs just arrived!!  Release later this month - more info to come - but for now: aren't they pretty? :)

JULY 2014 - WOW!!! What a response to my fundraising campaign for my new album!!  We did it!!! 85 people contributed for a total of just under $6,000 - well above my goal!!  Thank you SO much to all who took part in this campaign!!

I am just so thrilled to be at this point in the fundraising process - so deeply grateful to you all for ordering not just CDs, but potholders and tea cozys and 5 house concerts!! (Boy did that help!)  I'm just humbled and relieved and thankful.

So onward!  The master is nearly done and the design is underway - more news to come soon!

For now, check out a commercial (on my video page) filmed a couple years ago for Pep Boys and GAC - I've just gotten permission to post it! Deep thanks to Matthew Gellert and Bonesteel Films!

Whew! I am feeling like one blessed human :)

With a huge smile, and peace, Eliza

JUNE 2014 - My new album, Goodbye Nashville, is available for PRE-ORDER!  Hooray!!!

Click the above link or the tab on the right called "pre-order 2014" to join in this incredible journey!

Thank you in advance! (Oh and if anyone is keeping track, this would be step two!)

Peace and loving thanks, Eliza

June 2014 - Step One - New Photos!  Thank you Kathleen Brett for my new photos!  Step Two coming soon!

MAY 2014 - I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be returning to PERTHSHIRE AMBER FESTIVAL in Scotland this fall!

My big question is: who's coming with me???

Really, if it might be a possibility, consider it.  This is a truly magical experience you will never forget. This year is the 10th year and I'm very honored to be playing a few concerts - click here for the afternoon and evening concerts. ALSO, this festival is where I met my friends Gordon and Sorren MacLean, Hannah Fisher and Danny Grant (a delightful group of really phenomenal musicians - and goofy - yes!), with whom I recorded my new album: 

So stay tuned for that album release and consider joining me for a remarkable life experience this fall!

Peace and joy, Eliza

LATE-APRIL 2014 - Happy Easter! It is with great joy that we enter the Easter season, or I should say, that I (especially) enter this particular Easter season.  My season of Lament was very long and I am ready to sing praises and Hallelujahs! That being said, if you didn't quite get enough of lamentation during Lent, here are a couple of links from services I took part in during holy week.

Podcast of the Maundy Thursday Service at St. John's Tower Grove (the Episcopal church I wholeheartedly and gratefully attend).  This was an incredible service to be apart of - ecumenical, 4 churches came together.  The confidence that my pastor, Rev. Teresa Danieley had in my taking so many musical and conversational liberties... amazing! On the page linked, scroll to the bottom and click on Listen.

Good Friday Blues at the Christ Church Cathedral - video taken by Mike Angell (many thanks!) who coined a phrase in response to this song: Lament Americana - yep!

I had a thought yesterday as I delighted in playing a few of my new songs from the album I've been threatening to release... The thought was, "I don't really care what you call them, I just want to sing my own songs."  Labels, genres - none of it matters... So here I go... :)  Peace and Joy, Eliza

MID-APRIL 2014 - My goodness, I am just reveling in wonderful opportunities to share this Blues and Psalms Lenten Devotional!  Please join me during holy week: MAUNDY THURSDAY or GOOD FRIDAY BLUES

Yesterday's Healing Service of (you guessed it) Blues and Psalms at Eden Seminary took this whole notion to a new level. With the phenomenal musicians Donita Bauer (Director of Music) on piano and fellow seminarians Jacob and Brett on drums and sax respectively, I just relaxed into my liturgical/musical leadership role and watched it all unfold - amazed! This is where I want to go with worship!

I'll write soon about the experience at Potosi Prison with Catholic inmates on their Lenten retreat - it was a transformational experience for me, both heavy and remarkably light filled - such a blessing.

Peace and prayers of thanksgiving, Eliza 

MARCH 2014 - Lent is upon us.  As someone studying lamentations, this is a rich season for me to explore the blues and the psalms.  I'll be doing some musical presentations this Lent at Episcopal Churches - click here for more info.  May this season be a time for God's grace to settle deeper into your bones.  With peace, Eliza

FEB 2014 - This week we learned of the passing of our most beloved singer and songwriter Pete Seeger. It has been a tearful week for me, but also inspiring and reminding me of my heart's direction.  I'm delighted to be a part of an event to mark this time and honor Pete: HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING? A Community Sing in Celebration of the life of Pete Seeger! Saturday, February 1st at 6pm at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis - 13th street between Olive and Locust. Come gather and sing and tell stories - together! With peace and a hammer and a song, Eliza 

OCT 2013 - Blues and theology collide: Blues as Contemporary Lamentations - A songwriter begins a theological exploration. Join Eliza Lynn for a set of original songs and traditional blues followed by discussion at Aquinas Institute of Theology at 23 South Spring Street, St. Louis, MO 63108. (ai.edu) Friday, Oct. 25th 4:30p (4:30p Music in the Chapel, 5:15p Discussion in the Commons). More in this vein to come! Thanks and hope you have a wonderful fall!  With peace, Eliza

JUNE 2013 - Looking forward to returning to Chicago next month to one of my favorite venues: Music in the Neighborhood at St. James Cathedral! Thursday, July 18th from 5:30 - 6:30 at 65 E. Huron in Downtown Chicago.  I'll be doing a few tunes from the album I just recorded in Scotland: Goodbye Nashville :) Hope to see you there! For more info: www.saintjamescathedral.org  Peace and happy summer! Eliza

MAY 2013 WOW, I have had a whirlwind of a year! But tonight, amidst thousands of people at BLUESWEEK in downtown St. Louis (my NEW hometown) I felt a sense of things coming together.I've moved back to the midwest to attend Divinity School and am just one week in and very excited.  God and Blues - Amen!  I also just recorded my next original album in Scotland with dear friends from the Perthshire Amber festival - it was a phenomenal experience and I'm SO excited to have a new original album for you soon.Things are in transition, but it's a wonderful, rich time!  More news soon...With peace and grace, Eliza

OCT 2012 - Saturday, OCT 20th I am delighted to be joining the wonderful line-up at Real Women Pick Pink in Bristol, TN, VA! 1pm at Session 27 and 4pm at Machiavelli's: www.realwomenpickpink.com***Also, working on a new website that also features my extreme love of quilting...Come back soon :) ***Peace to you and thanks for being here, Eliza

JUNE 2012 - My dear Daddy has passed away.  Rev. Robert Newton LynnBob Lynn, 75, passed away on June 29, 2012 in Asheville, North Carolina, while in the attentive care of his children: Rebecca Lynn, Charlotte Lail, Eliza Lynn, and Matthew Lynn. He is also survived by his son-in-law Patrick Lail and his grandchildren Davis and Ella Lail and several nieces and nephews. Born July 7, 1936 in Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia, Bob was preceded in death by his parents, William Matthew Lynn and Ollie Randall Lynn, brothers Randall and Brian and sister Margaret. He graduated from Mercer University and the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Atlanta.Bob Lynn's life was one of giving. As a member of the US Air Force, he gave to his country; thereafter, he gave of himself in ministry and service, especially to the poor. In the 1960's he was Methodist minister and served a number of churches in Georgia including a position at Liberty Baptist Church in Atlanta under mentor Dr. Melvin Watson whose influence shaped Bob’s ministry throughout his life.  He passionately assisted in the civil rights movement in dangerous places and dangerous times. Bob began organizing communities in Atlanta with Bass Organization for Neighborhood Development (BOND) and then, after attending the Industrial Areas Foundation school for organizers in Chicago, he stayed on to organize in Chicago’s uptown community.  There he was the founding organizer for the Organization of the North East (ONE), still established as a successful, model organization of neighbors.  He trained community leaders, planned and conducted neighborhood and citywide programs for Chicago Area Project before going to Nashville in the late 70s and establishing CBN--Citizens for Better Neighborhoods, training leaders who continued this work.  In the mid 1980’s Bob founded a homeless shelter (now known as Hilda's Place) at the First Baptist church of Evanston, Illinois.While a member of St. Francis Episcopal Church in Chicago, Bob was again called to ministry, this time in the Episcopal Church.  In his mid 40’s Bob heeded the call by attending Seabury Western Seminary and becoming an Episcopal priest.  He served as priest of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in the Dunes in Gary, Indiana, and was the Director of Episcopal Community Services - providing a food bank and summer camps to his neighbors in the, then, murder capital of the US. Bob retired to Asheville, North Carolina, enjoying close proximity to his children.  A lifelong musician, Bob reveled in the music and art scene in Asheville.  Throughout his life, he played guitar, trombone, and cornet (especially loving Dixieland Jazz) and sang in gospel quartets.  Bob passed the love for music to each of his children. The Right Reverend Edward Little, Bob's Bishop, told Bob's children: "Your Dad was one of the most heroic priests I have ever met--going places that many cannot imagine.  His strong and loving commitment to the poorest of the poor challenged and encouraged me. What an amazing and committed Christian leader and priest!” A Memorial Service will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday, July 14, at All Souls Cathedral, Asheville, NC.In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Hilda's Place, 1458 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL 60201 or to a charity for hunger and homelessness of your choice.

MARCH 2012 - Grit Pixies (my blues duo with harmonica-ista Jill Fromewick) are honored to be headed to Hampton, VA Saturday the 31st to play at the 11th Annual Hampton Acoustic Blues Revival, thanks to our friend Jackie Merritt of MSG.  We met MSG - an awesome acoustic blues trio - at Blues Week at Augusta Heritage Center a bunch of years ago. That's also where I met John Cephas and, thanks to Jill, wrote a grant to continue studying with him.  John was a truly amazing artist and human being and, though we lost him a couple of years ago, his lessons will continue expanding through my life as long as I live.  This year's festival is a tribute to him.  Please join us if you can.  Grit Pixies play at 6pm - the line-up is terrific!  Sending love, Eliza

FEB 2012 - Exciting news!  I have just filmed a commercial for PEP BOYS Tires to be aired on this month on the television channel, GAC (Great American Country)!  This was a very fun experience for me - it was filmed by Bonesteel Films in Asheville, NC.  We shot the performance at The Purple Onion in Saluda, NC and spent some time shooting in West Asheville.  This commercial is part of GAC's series called "On the road with GAC".  The song featured is Lazy Day, the one you are hearing now.  Thanks especially to Matthew Gellert of Bonesteel Films for getting me involved!  A link to the commercial will be available soon!  Let me know if you see it on GAC!With peace (and a spring cold in FEB), Eliza

DEC 2011 - Many, many blessings to you this season!  I send you peace and much gratitude and anticipation of wonderful music for your ears and hearts in the new year!And just before we move on to 2012, I'll be playing a solo show at the The Purple Onion in Saluda, NC - Friday, Dec 30 at 7:30pm.There will be some filming of this for an exciting reason which I'll share soon.Hope to see you sooner than later!  Peace, Eliza

OCT/NOV 2011 - Scotland!  Oh it feels like about a week since I was here - wonderful friends and music and setting and, well, Scotland, lots of Scotland, here at Dougie MacLean's festival: www.PERTHSHIREAMBER.com  If you'd like to join us from your homes, this year there's a FREE live stream in addition to the amazing Butterstone TV membership which gives you access to all the Perthshire Amber Festival videos in addition to Dougie's archives and new incredible footage from his own studio.  Hope you'll join in - it's off to a wonderful start!  Peaceful fall to you, Eliza

JUNE 23, 2011 - Headed to the mountains for a sweet run of gigs!  Friday, June 24th at the beloved Music on the Square in Jonesborough, TN opening for Red June - starts at 7pm. Saturday, the 25th at the equally beloved Purple Onion in Saluda, NC (8 pm) and then I'll be at Trinity Church in Hendersonville to bring some songs to worship! Just got a wonderful review in Flying Show Review - click on Press to view it. The UK release has been going wonderfully well!  Hope your summer is musical and peaceful!  Take care, Eliza

MARCH 28, 2011 - Release of Together begins!  The UK release of the first disc of the Community Produced Albums begins today!  Thanks to Loudon Temple at Bloody Great PR for his work on this!  I'm still working towards a fall release in the states - when this album will be up for download.  Til then, please feel free to purchase a copy by clicking the button above!This has been a fabulous journey of co-creation, thank you all for being involved!  
The song you hear playing is When the Leaves Come Falling Down - written by Van Morrison, co-produced by Hank Thompson and John Ferrell and on Together.  Enjoy!With love, Eliza

Winter 2011 - Well, it is warm and beautiful here in Nashville today and I've been having more fun playing music with friends old and new than I've had in years.  After my journey to Scotland, thanks to some hefty advice, I am going solo for awhile and this decision has made playing with others the most delightful thing!  Funny how that happens.So I'm in a time of musical rejuvenation and I am feeling very blessed indeed!  The planning for the official release of Together - the first of the community produced CDs - is still in the works and I'll let you know more soon.I pray that you are enjoying winter's nourishment.  With peace, Eliza

OCT 2010 - Scotland!  Oh lord, I feel so blessed to be heading back to Perthshire Amber Festival!  Please check out the site www.perthshireamber.com - you can sign up to stream lots of it by subscribing to Butterstone TV!  Will Straughan is coming too and our co-bill with Dougie MacLean is on Nov. 3rd!  Leaving in a a couple hours...hee hee!Peace to you and happy fall,Eliza

SEPT 2010 - NEW CD!  Though it won't be released til 2011, advance copies of the first Community Produced CD available in Asheville, NC ONLY on Saturday, September 25th at The Grey Eagle  8:30pm $5 (with purchase of CD-$10 without) Co-bill with Red June (CD release party for their great new disc)See you there!  Or Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion first! If you can't make the Grey Eagle show, but want an advance copy, email me and I'll get you an order form - eliza@elizalynn.comThank you!  See you soon!Eliza

JULY 2010 - WNCW's Birthday Jam! Oh how excited I am! Thursday the 8th in Charlotte at the Double Door.  Friday the 9th in Greenville at The Handlebar. Saturday the 10th in Asheville at The Orange Peel!  Five incredible bands to support our wonderful, wonderful station WNCW! Dehlia Low, Delta Moon, Gandolf Murphy, Jess Klein and me too! All shows start at 8pm and are $21 and all proceeds benefit WNCW! Please join us - it is going to be such a celebration!  Love, Eliza

APRIL 2010 - Wonderful, wonderful time recording in Asheville over the last few weeks.  It was remarkable, cathartic, inspiring - all with lovely, lovely folks: Will Straughan (dobro, harmony vocals, guitar), Jon Stickley (guitar, mandolin), Rayna Gellert (fiddle), dear friends Alia Clary and Jaime August-Rain (harmony vocals). It was absolutely magical. Special gratitude to Jeff Knorr for his engineering and cheerleading and general greatness! This Community Produced Project is a total delight.  I'll let you know more as the plan unfolds!With peace, Eliza 

JAN 2010 - Winter in Chicago - All Southerners are jealous, I know!  Taking the winter to rest and do such humane things as write grocery lists and sleep in the same bed night after night.  It's lovely and much needed.  
Next month, Feb 4th - I will be performing at the Grand Opening of St James Cafe at 65 E Huron St in downtown Chicago! This is a free event - please join us!And this winter the recording for my Community Produced Album continues!  Please sign up for my newsletter for more info.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  With peace, Eliza.   

Nov 2009 - I love Scotland!  Perthshire Amber Festival was simply extraordinary.  Wonderful humans, wonderful gigs, beautiful setting - so delightful!  I got to participate in the Caledonia Concert in Perth Concert Hall in addition to the wonderful showcase on the Pitlochry Festival Stage - and have made a wee Scottish band with Sorren and Gordon MacLean and Gina MacLeod.  If you'd like to see some incredible video of the festival, it's available online at www.live.perthshireamber.com for a fairly minimal fee.  Dougie, Jenny, Julia and Jamie MacLean lead this amazing festival - such an inspiring, creatively nourishing experience - I'm homesick for it and the whole team already!  I'm off to England today for a run of gigs with Rachel Dawick (www.racheldawick.com) who I met at last year's festival.  We'll be in London, York (with a sold out concert in the Bishopsthorpe Village Hall) and Brighton before returning home. I'll be sending out more reflections about this journey when I get back. With peace, Eliza.

Oct 14th - Wow, what a journey I've been on!  Wonderful shows, many miles, the passing of my sweet automobile... :(  It's been quite an adventure - thanks to all who've housed me and lent me cars and affirmed my belief in the amazing power of community.  I finally made it home for a second before I'm off to the magnificent Magnolia Fest in Florida and then......SCOTLAND!  Oh, I'm so excited for Perthshire Amber Festival this year!  What joy!
Haven has been doing very well in the UK and Europe and I'm excited to be following up with gigs there...more to follow!  Hope the falling leaves are beautiful where you are!With peace and thanks for stopping by, Eliza.

August 19th - What wonderful band gigs in Jonesborough, TN and in Hendersonville!  Thanks to all who came out!  Next week, I will be heading North and playing a run of gigs starting in WV, then up to VT, down to NYC, back to VA before the band and Grit Pixies both appear at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion in Bristol, VA/TN the weekend of Sept 18, 19, 20th!  This is an amazing, and affordable, festival - please join us!Things are going well with the Americana radio push for Haven, and the Euro-Americana radio push is just going out!  Looking forward to a great fall of playing, recording (news to follow) and then heading back to Scotland!  Whew - what a wonderful year!  Hope things are well with you.  With peace, Eliza

HAVEN CD RELEASE PARTIES THIS WEEK!First, tune in to WNCW (www.wncw.org) this Friday at 11am EST for an interview and live songs on the best radio station there is!Then that evening, Will Straughan and I will be in Winston-Salem at The Garage for an awesome evening of music that includes the remarkable Woody Pines!
And Saturday, in Asheville at Jack of the Wood, is my full band HAVEN release party! Show starts at 9:30pm and is only $5!  Please join me!With peace and grace, Eliza.

HAVEN CONCERTS BEGIN!This Saturday, April 18th at 8pm at the Madison County Arts Center!  Will Straughan will join me to present the songs from my 2009 release, HAVEN!
Next week: Greenville, SC at The Acoustic Seen in Coffee Underground.  Co-bill with Rachel Vanslyke who just completed a 4,100 mile BICYCLE tour and has just won the International Songwriting Competetion Song of the Year!Look forward to seeing you soon!With peace, Eliza.

April 10th - Pre - orders should be arriving at your door!  Thank you so much to all who have ordered their copy of my 2009 release, Haven.  Please check back as we update this site with lyrics and song listings and some other surprises!  And, for those of you receiving it this week, ENJOY!  With peace and thanks, Eliza.

March 13 - Very Sad News - My beloved guitar teacher, John Cephas, passed away last week.Like the rest of the acoustic blues community, I am stunned and devastated by this loss. And at the same time, I am so deeply grateful for having gotten to spend time with this magnificent human being.  While learning the style of guitar that he was a master of, the Piedmont Blues, I also absorbed much about how I want to live in the world as an artist.  John was generous and caring, so gracious, and completely committed to his art and his students.  I wish so much I had more time to study with him. His memorial service and life celebration will be held on March 29, 2009 from 1-3 PM at Baird Auditorium in the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum on the Mall in Washington, DC.  It is open to all friends and loved ones.  There will be a reception and jam afterward at another location, which is not yet determined.    

NEW DATE ADDED - Saturday, March 7th in Black Mountain, NC at The White Horse!  Will Straughan and I will be playing as a duo.  Lance Mills will join us for a middle set.  Starts at 8pm.  Hope to see you there! Also This Thursday we'll be in Charlotte at the Evening Muse at 8pm and on Friday in Salisbury at The Blue Vine at 9pm.  Hope to see you soon!  With peace, Eliza.

February 11th - HAVEN (my new CD) is now available for Pre-order!  And - I'll pay for shipping!  Just hit the paypal button in the upper righthand corner of the page.  CDs are $15 a piece. By pre-ordering my new CD, you secure your copy coming right to your door as soon as they come to mine.  And you help to pay for some of the costs of this CD upfront, which really makes this possible!From Haven's Press Release:From the sultry groove established on the disc's opening track, "Hard To Let It Hurt," it's clear that, armed with the strongest and most personal songs she's ever written, the singer is taking no prisoners this time out. 
Can't wait for you to hear it!  Thank you!  Eliza.

January 25th - SPECIAL NEWS: My song, Bound, is featured on the Thistle and Shamrock program this week!!!!Fiona Ritchie's phenomenal program (airing on NPR stations coast to coast) is all about the banjo and the mandolin this week.  You can listen live tonight at 9pm EST on WCQS in Asheville by going to www.wcqs.org.  At 8pm, Country Roots is on with host Wayne Erbsen - who was my first teacher on the banjo.
This is a pretty marvelous thrill for me!  I've been an ardent Thistle and Shamrock fan for 15 years now.(((And hearing my voice on her program did incite me to jump up and down for nearly three straight minutes, but I'm calming down now...)))With joy, Eliza.

January 2009 - Lift every voice and SING - til earth and heaven ring! A new year, a new wonderful president, a new beginning!My new CD, Haven, has been mastered and I'm so pleased - can't wait to share.  I'll be starting my pre-orders soon - so please check back!Til then, hope your new year is making your heart sing!With grace, Eliza

Dec 17th - Holiday Greetings!  And Holiday Gatheringsin Asheville:Saturday, Dec 20th 9:30 Jack of the WoodFull band - special opening set with Will StraughanOnly $5!
And tomorrow night in Saluda at The Purple Onion at 8pm, I'll be joined by Will for an acoustic evening.Hope to see you!  And please take advantage of my special on CDs - only $12 til the New Year!With many blessings and holiday warmth, Eliza 

Nov 25th - Happy Thanksgiving!  I feel so filled with gratitude for all that have supported me and this art I make.  Thank you for your kind words, for being present, for taking my music home with you, for sharing it with friends, for helping to get me gigs, for showing up again and again.And this year, thank you to all those who made both my trip to Abbey Road possible (this helped me more than I can express) and to those who helped to make my amazing trip to Scotland a reality.  I truly feel I am existing within a circle of support.
Thank you.

Nov 6th - Oh my goodness - to come home from such a wonderful trip to a new president elect!  Hallelujah!  Scotland was absolutely magical, the festival and all the MacLean's and the rest of the team were just so welcoming and kind.  I had a remarkable time.  Made lots of new friends and I'm already lonesome for you all!  Can't wait to return!But for now, please join me and Jill and Will at Modaddy's in Asheville tomorrow night for a Grit Pixies with Will Straughan party!  9:30pm just $5.  Hope to see you then!  With peace, Eliza

Oct 20th - Getting ready to head out to Scotland - my goodness!  Perthshire Amber is the name of the festival and I'm getting out all my winter clothes - it's up north.  I'm so excited!!The new CD with producer, Thomm Jutz, is coming along nicely.  We'll have it off to be mastered soon!  Can't wait for y'all to hear these new songs!When I get back from Scotland, Jill and I will be playing a Grit Pixies gig on Nov. 7th in Asheville at Modaddy's.  Will Straughan will be joining us!Til then, please make sure to vote!  I did by absentee ballot - felt good!  Peace, Eliza.

Sept 16th - FUN RUN of GIGS! This weekend Grit Pixies will be at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion - a great folk festival!  And (lord willing) we'll have some advance copies of our live EP that we are releasing this fall! Then I'm headed to Jonesborough, TN for Music on the Square!THEN....OCT 1st at THE GREY EAGLE in Asheville - full band gig of new songs from Nashville - where I'm recording my next CD with Thomm Jutz!!! Chix with Stix - a phenomenal all women's percussive dance troupe - opens the show!We are going to have a wonderful evening!!  Please join us!  Happy almost fall, Eliza.

July 7th - Happy Summer!  After a wonderful band gig at Biltmore Lake's Summer Concert Series, I'm excited to be coming back to Asheville again at the end of this week to play at the Orange Peel!  It is for a local showcase that I'm so thrilled to be a part of.  Kellin Watson and Peggy Ratusz are also on the bill and they are extraordinary women and musicians.  I'll be playing with Will Straughan backing me up on dobro!Show starts at 9pm and is $7 in advance and $9 the day of the show.  If you are free - I think it will be a wonderful night and I hope to see you!  Before I get back to Asheville, I'm doing some more recording here in Nashville!  I'll be in touch soon to let you know how the new record with producer Thomm Jutz is coming!  Thanks for visiting!  With peace, Eliza.

June 4th - What a wonderful send off!  Thank you to all who came out to the Jack of the Wood! I had so much fun singing - thanks to everyone one who joined me on stage and off!  I'm just getting settled here in Nashville - so far so good - though I'm already homesick...Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  With peace, Eliza.
May 18th - Changes and Adventures - Spring is a good time to embody transformation, and that's what I'm embracing this year.  Time to grow!   After my amazing journey overseas, I am inspired more than ever to make whatever changes need to be made to fully pursue this artistic career. AND SO, I am going to spend some time in Nashville, TN to follow through with new musical notions!This is intended to be a temporary move - probably through the end of the year.  I've also decided to focus more on being a solo artist - so for awhile I've taken the band off this site.  DON'T WORRY!  I hope and plan to continue working with all these wonderful folks, but for now - I'm downsizing a bit.  I'll keep you posted with any new developments!  And I certainly hope to see you soon!  With grace, Eliza.

Feb. 27th - Absolutely Amazing!  My trip to London and Belfast was so exceptionally incredible.  It is going to take me a little while to process (and jump back into my life here in Asheville, work and all).  But I promise a lengthy description of rocking out at Abbey Road and sitting around a table in Belfast playing tunes with my heroes (especially Nanci Griffith and Dougie Maclean).  Yeah, it's going to take me a minute to process.  I am so inspired by this experience and so deeply grateful that you all have funded this opportunity.  You have my heart's gratitude forever.  This trip was (obviously) a peak experience, but more than that, it allowed me to plant some seeds in bountiful soil, and made me realize that maybe I can really do this music thing.Thank you for this unreal gift.  I am so grateful!  With peace, Eliza.

Feb. 13th - What a wonderful showing!  I am so thankful for your help with the fundraising for this trip.  This journey to Abbey Road and Belfast is such a dream, and one I could never afford (at least not at this point in my career)!  Thank you so much to all who came out on Sunday night to my fundraiser, and thank you to everyone who has been sending checks in support of this trip!  I am humbled, and so grateful!And relieved...thank you for this gift.  I will be bringing you all with me.
With my heart's thanks, Eliza.

Feb 7th - Abbey Road or Bust!  Next week, on Feb 16th, I leave for London to record at The Live Sessions at Abbey Road (so extremely exciting)!  And from there, I fly to Belfast for the Belfast Nashville Songwriting festival !!  I've got a place to stay and a ticket, but am still short on some funds.
SO, I'm having a little fundraiser solo concert Karmasonics in downtown Asheville this Sunday, Feb. 10th at 7pm.  The cost is a suggested donation of $15.Please drop me a line if you've got any questions (eliza@elizalynn.com).  And thank you, thank you for your continued support!
With peace and excitement, Eliza.

Dec 14th - Happy Holidays!  Thank you all so much for your help and support during this year of growth.  It has been quite something!And next year promises more excitement - my big news is that I will be traveling to London and Belfast in February!!! In London, I'll be one of 30 artists/bands recording at The Live Sessions at Abbey Road for live broadcast on XM and Napster!!I am really excited for this opportunity - my goodness.  Then I'll head to Belfast to play at the Belfast Nashville Songwriting Festival.  ((I'm so excited about this trip!))
I've got some of the funds secured, but will be having a few figurative and literal bake sales in the new year to help with expenses.Also - please check out bandvillage (www.bandvillage.com/ELIZACD0003) where we've got a couple Christmas songs up for purchase.  They are very wintery!I wish you peace and love this new year!  With grace, Eliza.

Oct 17, 2007 - Oh my goodness, I am delighted and humbled that the readers of the Mountain Xpress voted me best local singer/songwriter of 2007 along with Woody Wood.  Woody Woody is such an incredible singer/songwriter and a seriously bad ass instrumentalist, please check him out (www.hollywood-red.net).  He lends his voice and guitar playing to our new CD on a couple tracks.  We were thrilled to have him take part!Thank you so much to all who voted - this will continue to help me as I navigate the waters of being a professional artist.  With peace and deep gratefulness, Eliza.

Oct 1, 2007 - What a sense of completion - our CD release parties were so fulfilling! Thank you so much to all who came out and helped us celebrate!What an amazing party we had at the Grey Eagle - it was just incredible to have so many friends and family present to enjoy the amazing musicians who helped us record the CD and the incredible dancers who helped make the evening so special! And this show got a great write up in the Mountain Xpress (www.mountainx.com) - check it out!   Thank you to our hosts of all our parties - the Grey Eagle, the Back Room and the Mountain Magnolia Inn. It was such a lovely week of celebration, and then yesterday I got to have a day off like I haven't had in a long, long time.Making The Weary Wake Up has been an incredible journey.  Now it's time to let this weary one relax.With peace and thanks and joy, Eliza.

Sept 4, 2007 CD Release parties this month!Our CD is finally complete and we are working on our promotion and publicity around its release. Please help us CELEBRATE by joining us at one of these upcoming gigs: Our primary CD release will be in Asheville at the Grey Eagle on Wednesday, Sept 26th at 8pm!  We'll have some wonderful special guests and special dancing (this makes me so happy)! Quick-Six, an amazingly talented duo, will open the show.The next night, the trio will play at the The Back Room in Flat Rock and we'll be showing our Music Video made for Putumayo and for our DVD release (coming soon!)That Saturday, I will be at the Mountain Magnolia Inn releasing the CD for all the lovely folks in the Hot Springs area.I hope to see you all and can't wait for you to hear this new music!With peace, Eliza

July 31, 2007 PRESS TOUR FOR PUTUMAYO!We're just on Day 2 of our tour promoting the AMERICANA CD - which was released today!It is a wonderful journey so far: the first stop was Fox Rising (the Fox Morning News in Charlotte).  I learned some important first lessons, but felt good about my first singing experience on TV.The next stop was WKNC in Raleigh - a fun radio interview with a talented host, Kelly Reid.  This morning I sang on the CBS morning news show in Richmond, VA.  There was a plaque outside that said it was the first TV studio in the south (started in 1944).  Very sweet folks.  And now we're in DC and tomorrow I get to be interviewed on XM radio (I believe it's the U POP channel, and I go in at 9:00am, though I'm not sure if it's live...
I feel amazingly lucky to be making this trip. I've loved Putumayo since I bought my first of their CDs in 1994, and it is easy and fun to be a spokesperson for this CD. Our trip continues in Baltimore on Thursday with a Fox Morning News Program there, then radio at WLOY, then to NYC for a gig on Friday at Banjo Jim's.  I get the weekend off, then we continue on Monday at WBAI in NYC, then to Connecticut and RI and then end the trip with a flourish in Boston next Wednesday and Thursday.  Thanks for visiting the site!  Sure hope you are well.  With peace, Eliza.

June 20, 2007 - I have the most remarkable, humbling news!! I have received a MATCHING SPONSORSHIP of $5,000 from an individual donor - in an effort to inspire and encourage corporate sponsors and, in his words, "extraordinary fans," to match those funds so that I can fully complete this CD project!  I can't express how affirming this feels and also what a great kick in the butt it is to raise my half!
The first 50 people who purchase 5 CDs will receive a bonus Americana album! Please click the pre-order 2007 CD button. To help match this sponsorship in a more significant way, please email me at eliza@elizalynn.com!  Thank you!
Here's my new quote from PUTUMAYO: "Eliza Lynn is a promising newcomer with enormous talent and a lyrical perspective rooted in concerns for social justice."  AHHHH!!!  That's a blessing!  The AMERICANA album will be officially released on July 31st!  Buy your pre-release copy from bandVillage at cds.bandvillage.com/putum0112!

May 11, 2007 - BIG NEWS! 
"SING A NEW SONG" to be featured on the Putumayo World Music release, AMERICANA, due out July 31st, 2007!
Oh, my goodness, I am so excited about this.Putumayo (www.putumayo.com) is one of my favorite labels and I am just thrilled to be included on this!
I'll post more details as they are available - but I'd just like to thank Peter Fleming of bandVillage (www.bandvillage.com) for helping me to make the connection with Putumayo.
The timing couldn't be better as I prepare to release my new CD!
And speaking of... Here's A Few Details About Our New CD – 
Wow, it’s already been six weeks since the band and I (and many special guests) recorded our new CD at Echo Mountain Studio with Danny Kadar!  
THANK YOU so much to everyone who pre-ordered the CD!!!With pre-order sales and sponsorships, we’ve raised over $5,000!  An incredible feat! And I can’t wait for you all to hear these new sounds!  We definitely got to take things up a notch and see our creativity bloom!  Just a heads up: we have a certifiable rock song(!) and a ton of rocking arrangements (thanks most often to Mike) with ridiculous soloing and from Sean and Jon (seriously, they blew my mind on B-3 and even an solid bodied guitar, respectively) and deep groove-making from Mike on bass and Ian and Mike Rhodes on drum set.  And of course Jill was ripping it up with her harmonica and generally keeping the vibe happy!  I was also thrilled to have a bunch of folks adorn the album with sweet harmonies, tremendous horn playing, beautiful fiddling and other surprises!!
Our New CD is still available for pre-order and for sponsorship.  It’s due date for pre-order folks will be mid-summer with a release in late summer!  
I hope you all are well.Thanks so much for stopping by!With peace, Eliza.