1. Used to mean

From the recording Frisky or Fair

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Eliza Lynn: vocal and banjo Rayna Gellert: fiddle John Herrmann: bass Jamie Herrmann: guitar Drew Heller: guitar
This song is so interesting to me – I thought I would never sing it for anyone.  I was totally ashamed of it.  It seemed too cheesy to me.  But it was the song that connected with people most on this first album.  It was included on The Best of WUNC’s Back Porch Music Vol 9 and I was curious to see that mine was the only female name on the list.  I have sung this song at a number of weddings and it is a frequent request at gigs.  So there you go – it proved to me that there is real power in sharing something that feels raw and vulnerable.
Why am I including the chords on this song and not others?  Beats me – I just feel like it :)


It used to mean goodbye or hello,
E                     A
Sleep tight or it’s time to go,
D                                    A     
I really miss you or you mean so much to me,
E                                                                     D                       A
But I’m wondering if now that I’m grown, I know what love means.
D                                           A
Cause in your arms there’s a place for me.
E                                        A
Where we are held in possibility.
D                                     A
The space in you and the space in me
E                           D           A
Know each other effortlessly.
When I was young and had learned to write,
E                                          A
It was, “I love you” on everything in sight.
D                                       A  
And I gave my kisses easy as a smile,
E                                                                     D                       A
But as I grew tall, my heart found fear and I left that loving child.
E                   A
It was years ago
E                                   A
When I left that part below
D                         A
But my separate halves
E                   A
Join on this path.