"I would go as far as to say her voice and the songs that come from among others; Dougie MacLean, Doc Watson, Bill Morrissey, Tia Sillers - Mark D Saunders, Van Morrison, Ketch Secor - Willie Wilson, Maia Sharp - Kim Richey, James Cleveland plus old, traditional chestnut ‘Shenandoah’ are as near a perfect combination as you could wish for! So rich in texture is the music on the record. So effortless it seems too.” – FLYING SHOES REVIEW (June 19, 2011) (Click to read full article)

"Subtlety is a great thing I guess, but can a great thing afford to be subtle…? I guess the fact of the matter is (and I speak from the vantage point of experience here) that unless you shout loud enough, most of the time you won’t be heard. And I fear that this wonderful, wonderful (yes, I meant to repeat it, lest saying it the one time was too subtle) album may be a case in point. So allow me to do some shouting on its behalf." - Owen Gillham, UK (Click to read full article)

"Very, very beautiful" - BBC Radio Wales, Frank Hennessey

"This is as classy as classy can get. - ALT COUNTRY FORUM (Sept. 10, 2009) (Click to read full article)

"Artists to Watch in 2008: If I were you, I'd keep an eye on Eilen Jewell, Eliza Lynn, The Avett Brothers, Horse Feathers, and Chatham County Line. This may be the time to see these folks before they start selling out larger venues." - Folk Music

"This girl’s ready to take on the world." - POPMatters - (January 4, 2008) (Click to read full article)

"Eliza Lynn hails from the mountain town of Asheville, N.C., but she belongs to the world. The slim young redhead with the big, room-filling voice - think Peggy Lee meets Bonnie Raitt - wields her guitar and banjo against a sensual, sassy backdrop of jazz-flavored blues, old-time country folk and classic Memphis soul." - HARP Magazine (Click to read full article)            

"Eliza Lynn’s CD-release party was easily the most inspired and inspiring show I’ve seen for some time." – Mountain Xpress! Online Show Review - (9-28-2008) (Click to read full article)

"One of my biggest thrills as a radio host and CD reviewer for a couple of publications is that all-too-rare discovery of a great album by an artist I'd never before heard.  Such and artist and record is Eliza Lynn's Frisky or Fair" - SING OUT! Magazine - Off the Beaten Track - (Summer 2006 - Vol. 50 #2) (Click to read full article) 

"Have you ever encountered a CD in the record store that you just felt was going to be good?..." - THE BEAT May 06 (Click to read full article)

"This disc surprises (pleasantly) right from the git-go. There is the picture on the cover of the disc of a red haired, freckled, fresh-faced country girl, and then, the disc opens with a tune that sounds as if it is out of the Cab Callaway song book (including muted cornet)" - A review written for the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange by Bob Gottlieb (Click to read full article)

"I usually fear an album that hits me from the get-go. Past experiences with songs that impress immediately end up being like a piece of gum with a two-minute flavor time. Luckily, Eliza Lynn's debut album, "Frisky or Fair", remained gratifying" - Earful - Notes on local music by Hunter Pope (Click to read full article)