From the recording Goodbye Nashville

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Eliza Lynn – vocals
Hannah Fisher – fiddle
Sorren Maclean – guitar
Gordon Maclean – bass
Danny Grant – drums and percussion


Goodbye Nashville, Goodbye Nashville town
You didn’t like me, you didn’t hate me
You just tolerated me being around
I remember the moment when I asked my manager
You know the one with the red hair staring back in the mirror
I asked her to stop making me play around town
I showed her the ways, the ways it was tearing us down
I stopped listening to music except for Brahms, Beethoven and Bach
And the songs I kept making, thanks be to God that didn’t stop
But I hunkered down, I went deep down within
It seemed the only way to ever hope to start again
And I’m going, I can feel my wings flap again
I’m not knowing how to thank you for the gifts you’ve given
Cause I’ve been knocked out, pushed down to the ground
It’s just the air here is too thin to breathe
I need a garden to grow these flowers
I’m not a climber, it’s just not for me
So Goodbye Nashville, Goodbye Nashville town
I will see you, I will see around
Goodbye Nashville, Goodbye Nashville town
I will see you, my friend, I will see around