1. Conrad

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals and banjo   Mike Alexander: bass and Moog   Mike Rhodes: drums
This story, told from the perspective of a gambling man, is one that just came out of my first banjo – a Conrad banjo – so I call the gambler Conrad.  The arrangement for this song was initially just me on banjo, but Danny had an idea for putting a hip-hop drum loop behind it.  After listening to that combo for awhile, Mike wrote the Sade sounding bass line, bridging the divide between the crooked banjo tune and the drums.


Well I ain’t got no cards to flash outta my hand- it’s all going with him, he’s a winning man.  I came here back when I was young and fast, with that sweet hearted woman, they said it wouldn’t last.  But my time has come.  I’ve bet and lost, but on her, I’ve won.  I’ve spent many nights my head bowed down low, if chance ain’t going my way, there’s nothing I don’t owe.  I’ve gained riches mighty in one single spin, but the laughter of fortune would take it all again.  What do you say when it’s all been done?  Love’ll come and get you off the run.  How do you know what you’ve got is what you want? The only thing you’d wish for is another dawn.