From the recording Frisky or Fair

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Eliza: vocals  Bob Willoughby: piano  Grant Cuthbertson: bass   Teal Brown: drums
I have so much to say about this song.  Whenever I'm singing it, it brings me back to a universal truth: the place that I need to be is here.  This simple song that I wrote driving down the mountain to my first ever songwriter in the round experience has been more influential on my life than any other song I've written.  It appeared on a Putumayo World Music album in 2007 on a disc with Old Crow Medicine Show, The Little Willies, Ruthie Foster, Tim O'Brien, Allison Brown - it goes on and on!  What incredible company!  And my little song took me for quite a ride.  I will always be SO grateful to the folks at Putumayo!  It has been my favorite label since I was about 15 and it was incredible to have a track included.


Sing a new song
In the rain
Sing a new song
To the drops coming down
Sing a new song
Where you are
Sing a new song
Where the sky meets the ground
I don’t always know what’s right
And sometimes not even what’s real
But there’s only one place to stand
And it starts with my toe and ends with my heel
It may be a mystery
But somehow, things will come clear
For now what I know for sure
Is the place that I need to be is here