1. Indian Shore

From the recording Goodbye Nashville

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Eliza Lynn – vocals and banjo
Hannah Fisher – fiddle
Sorren Maclean – guitar
Gordon Maclean – bass
Danny Grant – drums


Make a mess of mine, I’ll make a mess of yours
We’ll throw it all away on the Indian Shore
Lake and lovers do lap and leap adore
Throw it all away on the Indian Shore
Hush your silent cry, slam it in the door
And throw it all away on the Indian Shore
Paint your lips with gold and pinch my cheeks of rose
Then throw it all away on the Indian Shore
Then grace comes again
And moves you to the left
Moves me to the right
Sweeps us both away
In the indigo night
Sliding on the stones, stepping in the sky
Loosening my load, lost in reasons why
How I stumble down, how I steal what isn’t mine
How I think I know what God has in mind
The rooftop sweats and leaves forget to make shade
The dust it plays in shocks of white
I don’t blink my breath is held in your eye
I don’t breathe cause I just might
Thoughts I shouldn’t have, loves I shouldn’t love
Lost into the waves and the shadows up above
Here I’ll lay ‘em down, here I’ll let ‘em go
To the waves and to the gulls on the Indian Shore