1. Puddin Pie

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals   Mike Alexander: bass   Sean Foley: piano   Jerome Widenhouse: trumpet    Earl Sachais: trombone    Mike Rhodes: drums
The sentiment in this song was probably unconsciously inspired by a song I loved as a child called Boney Fingers:  “Work your fingers to the bone, what do you get?  Boney fingers, boney fingers.”


Puddin’ Pie, Puddin’ Pie, who you gonna listen to, by and by?  Puddin’ Pie, Puddin’ Pie, you work yourself to death, all you gonna do is die.  Scoot yourself off the edge and get the water splashed all around your head.  Cause mark my words, there’s a glory girl, who’s waiting just to flap herself around the world.  Puddin’ Pie, Puddin’ Pie, what makes you work all the day and all the night?  Puddin’ Pie, Puddin’ Pie, is it your love of life or are you bound in fright?  Scoot yourself off the edge and give yourself a day just to lay in bed.  You work so hard, you’ll run out of steam and then what will you have but just a broken dream?