1. China

From the recording Frisky or Fair

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Eliza: vocals 
Rayna Gellert: fiddle 
Drew Heller: guitar  
Dave Pransky: bass  
Justin Perkins: drums
I started writing this song on a very strange trip to... China.  I was actually trying to find a new 'me' by becoming an English teacher in China and the experience of being there helped me to understand that there was no new 'me' needed.  This song continues to be a powerful reminder to not take on other's dreams for my life, but to do my best to be who I am.


I came here a loose leaf ready for clutching.
Making hollow the space where my shadow would stand.
Now I fly over mountains and rivers and oceans.
Who will I be from here?
Gm / / / D7 / / /
Gm / / / D7 / / /
Gm / / / D7 / / /
Gm / / / D7 / / /
There were times, soaked in memory broken,
When the voice of what could be wasn’t heard.
And back then, with my eyes still wide open,
I chose to follow him.
Maybe I’ve found what I came here to get.
In turning around, my mistakes I admit.
What I could have learned and what I could have seen,
There’s nowhere I’d rather be.
I’m leaving, I’m leaving with me.
Gm / C Gm
Gm / C D7
Gm / C Gm
C / Gm /
C C7 Gm / / /
Second floor, steps high, red and rugged.
Window gaze, a pretty girl all dressed up.
It’s a future she sees in the glass,
And woken, she chooses and walks past.
Why do we grab dreams like second hand coats?
Put it on, zip it up, and make it your own.
When the fruit that we are meant to bear,
Has its’ seeds not outside, but in here.