1. Wild Turkey

From the recording Frisky or Fair

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Eliza: vocals  Bob Willoughby: piano  Grant Cuthbertson: bass   Teal Brown: drums
So I worked at a silent retreat center in Spring Creek, NC for a summer as the kitchen manager.  I was headed down the mountain toward Hot Springs, on the curvy, wooded 209, when I met a wild turkey on the road.  Not an unusual occurrence, but this time, I started singing to it.  After the party, I drove home to Asheville and the rest of the song was written.  Whenever I run into a wild turkey, I do my best to pull over and sing (at least a couple bars) of this song. They never seem to mind.


Wild Turkey, whatcha doing?
You flap your wings all day.
Wild Turkey, ain’t you leaving?
Standing there you getting in my way.
Wild Turkey, you done spent
The last of my good sense
So Wild Turkey, take your damn crooning
Over somebody else’s fence.
Cause you a Wild Turkey flying low and so
I’m asking you to get on out,
Done been your time to go.
You a Wild Turkey, gobbling up my food
I been as sweet as pie to you
But I ain’t nobody’s fool.
Wild Turkey, I been dreaming
Bout some peace in this old head
Wild Turkey, what are you scheming?
Ain’t no way you getting in my bed.
And Listen Turkey, whatcha doing?
You flap your wings all day?
Wild Turkey, weren’t you leaving?
You might be dinner, if you stay.