1. Circle

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Album notes: Released: 2007   Produced by: Mike Alexander, Danny Kadar and Eliza Lynn   Recorded and Mixed by Danny Kadar   Additional engineering by Julian Dreyer   Assistant engineers: Evan Bradford and Jon Ashley   Mastering by Will Quinell
Eliza: vocals   Mike Alexander: bass and electric guitars   Sean Foley: hammond B3   Molly Reed and Eleanor Underhill: harmony vocals   Ian Cunningham: drums
I feel like this song is the essence of this CD.


We were sitting in a circle and everybody was happy.  Then he asked me to sing, and I said, “Who, me?”  And everybody got up and left and I was all alone.  But still I sang, still I sang.  She gets up before the sunrise.  She walks alone for exercise.  She more than carries her weight, hers is a heavy gait.  People laugh and point at her and they call her nasty names, but she walks on.  She walks on.  We are moving on, the wind is strong, but we can’t back down.  We have found our way and you can say what you want to say.  We are still moving on.  He may never find his way home, to the boy that he had been.  The one surrounded by his friends, where the party’d never end.  Time has shaken his confidence in the reality he knew.  But he’ll talk to you, quietly, he’ll talk to you.