1. Hold My Breath

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals   Mike Alexander: bass    Sean Foley: hammond B3   Woody Wood: guitar   Stephanie Morgan: harmony vocals    Mike Rhodes: drums
At one point, this song was supposed to be a country ballad.  At one point, we played it slowly with accordion.  This version came after Danny said that he thought it was time for us all to have a shot of whisky.


You made me hold my breath – not cause I was excited.  You made me hold my tongue, but more than words departed.  I tried to walk your walk, but my legs were too short.  When I tried to talk your talk, meaning flew out the door.  Cause you never did like me.  You just kept me around, hanging on your crown.  You never did know me, but how can we know what someone else won’t show?  I used to wonder why we were so lopsided.  You got my sweetest side, in you I confided.  But you kept your walls up high – still I tried to climb them.  And I let your rules decide which parts I’d hide.  And I could have gone on, through my life just giving you power over me.  But then I’d have left me far behind us.  And where on this earth then, would I be?  I stayed with you too long, holding my breath tight.  And I followed you too far, trying to be who you might like.  I’m going to walk my walk, and not let anyone else say how I should talk my talk.  I won’t give it all away!  Cause you never did like me.  So why did I stay with you treating me that way?  I must not have liked me, but I sure do now and I know what my heart will allow.