1. How Many Times

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals and acoustic guitar   Mike Alexander: bass    Sean Foley: hammond B3 and piano   Jon Corbin: guitar   Jill Fromewick: harmonica    Woody Wood: harmony vocals   Ian Cunningham: drums    Mike Rhodes: tambourine
Depressed – deep rest – they sound alike.  That was how this song began.  It stayed in a half finished form for awhile til I found my choice in the matter – then the song finished itself effortlessly.


How many times can I pick myself up?  How many times can I say, “I’m ok?”  How many times can I trudge through the day, when I feel like my work never goes away?  Why do I choose to live this way?  My daddy says I am depressed, just like he always does.  And he may be right, but I say I need rest.  Rest, deep rest, I need deep rest.  I am not depressed, I just need rest.  It’s in your eyes – I can see it in you.  You’re tired, you’re just like me.  Is this the way that life has to be?  Stress and strife run circles round your life.  When it’s time to bail, you chase your tail.  Now I ain’t saying that life ain’t hard – just the way it is.  But this tangle that I have got myself in didn’t come from you or her or him.  I made the mess that I’m in.