From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals and acoustic guitar   Mike Alexander: bass    Sean Foley: piano   Jon Corbin: electric guitar   Ian Cunningham: drums
Well, here I am singing angrily about other people singing angrily.  Hmmm.  I started writing this song in May of 2005 driving through Virginia, listening to the radio.  Dan Lewis helped me to finish the chorus, and so, named the song.


A country station is playing a song of vengeance, riding on patriotic hate.  The words make me sober, and I hope no children are listening.  I don’t claim the nation that they come from.  The country they sing of sounds like an angry drunkard – blinded and happy on his drug.  A bully, he threatens, distorting the name of freedom.  I don’t claim the nation that they come from.  It’s been years now, since we all stood silent and everyday, the radio brings more bad news.  We’ve been baited and lied to, and I stand here shaking, well what am I to do, but sing the intolerance blues.  The country we come from has made its face all dirty, but wears a mask of liberty.  And you who wag your fingers and pound your fist in hatred have turned your back on what the world can see.  The pillars of our nation were built on deep oppression, as righteous as our founders meant to be.  Our leaders are now singing in four part hypocrisy – modeling a sad democracy.