1. Bound

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals and banjo   Mike Alexander: bass   Jon Corbin: guitar
This is another song whose tune came out of the banjo.  It was inspired by events in my community and embellished with my imagination.


Bound, she’s gone, and where’d she go?  You ask me so, but I don’t know.  Time went by and things got stuck, she traded you for all her luck.  Say you gonna follow her, make your tracks in snow and fur.  Well, I ain’t gonna block your way, cause I know where you’ll be Saturday.  Another who thinks she will wed, will lay her head across your bed.  It’s your soul who’s up and gone, it’s you who’s run your wealth to pawn.  What you done?  She’s gone and run.  And you won’t find her under the sun.  I ain’t gonna block your way, you dug your hole, now down you lay.  Say a prayer, make a start, it’s just the devil that’s got your heart.