1. A Valley Ahead

From the recording The Weary Wake Up

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Eliza: vocals   Mike Alexander: bass    Sean Foley: piano   Jon Corbin: guitar   Ian Cunningham: drums
Writing this song was a very tangible way for me to process some things I was wondering about.  I deeply believe in visioning, but at some point, my daydream life was overtaking my consciousness. 


A valley ahead, you think it might be a paradise, a haven from your misery.  The road is steep, curves left and right, you see a gap up ahead and it’s bright as sunlight.  Your mind races on and makes believe and soon it’s hard to find a place called reality.  You’re happy as sin, you’ve found a new home – but where the hell are you my friend if you just go there alone?  A dream is precious, don’t get me wrong.  And it’ll lead to different destinations – keep your eye always on the road.  Well, here it comes, that welcoming sign.  You’ve finally made it to the place that dominated your mind.  And, yes, it’s true, those miles have passed.  But now you’re here you can relax and be happy at last.  What’s that you say?  That you’re going away?  The dream ahead is so much better than the dream today?  Well, here’s to you.  Go well, my friend.  On down this road that we love, may we meet again.